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    Apple TV Versions Available Today!!

    Amazon Fire TV Versions Available Today!!

    Android TV Versions Available Today!!

     Update’s :

    Dinosaur Safari/4x4 Safari/Dinosaur Assassin/Dino Safari 2/Safari 2/Ice Age Hunter/Trophy Hunt:

    2 Control schemes – Easy & Expert:


    allows you to control the character with just the left controller.


    The way you control the character now with both left and right controllers, which provide finer controls but requires more practice.

    In Game Language Translations 

    English – 中文 – 日本語 – Português – Français – Deutsch – Italiano – Español – русский

    Night Time Hunting

    It gets Real dark so Build Camp Fires/Collect Logs for bigger Fire’s/Night Vision Jeep Scope.

    Plesiosaur Sea Jurassic Creature

    Water Python


    Gigantic Earth Worm

    COMING SOON!!  Animals being predatory towards other animals.

    Update’s – Zombie Games: COMING SOON!!

    Set Missions:

    Mission : Clearing Fortress of all Dangers.
    Mission : Keeping the Fortress Clear of any Dangers.
    Mission : Rescue humans from outside the fortress and bring them inside.
    Mission : Arming humans with weapons and for them to help.
    Mission : Feeding all Humans.
    Mission : Fixing Breaches on the outer fortress and defending(Map Showing defences down).


    Our Zombie Collection of games below show how much fun tension and just scary moments that can be had with merging Dinosaurs, Ice Age, Safari and Trophy Animals with those walking dead Zombie’s.

    Zombie Fortress

    Zombie Fortress : Dino

    Zombie Fortress : Ice Age

    Zombie Fortress : Safari

    Zombie Fortress : Trophy

    Match 3/Free Fall

    Check out our New games below, each has a unique theme which includes 3D Characters/Animations to make the fun of the classic Match 3 game even more fun for Adults and Children alike.

    Assassin Vs Mummies Free Fall

    Wizard Vs Zombie Free Fall

    Jurassic Free Fall


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